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Our range of products includes medicinal products in nearly all pharmaceutical forms imaginable. This variety requires a high degree of flexibility on the part of employees, facilities, machinery and technologies.

Medicinal products are not only the result of scientific work in research, development and hospitals. They are also the result of daily precision work in continuous production, because the quality of the individual medicinal product must be ensured at each phase of manufacture. Extensive quality controls, careful documentation and adherence to strict hygiene regulations are, of course, requirements for us.

Efficiency, productivity, quality assurance and a high degree of environmental awareness are the guidelines of our daily work. Our task is to live up to the international guidelines of "good manufacturing practice for medicinal products" (known as GMP guidelines), the requirements of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and the high quality standard of Bayer HealthCare AG and customer requirements.

Key Facts

Solid & semi-solid forms80 million units
Liquids & Parenterals150 million units
Packaging (finished product)70 million units
Products~ 175
Articles~ 2000
Areas of expertiseKiel
Solid / semi-solid formsTablets, ointments & pastes, powder & granulates, injection molding containing active substance
Liquids & ParenteralsNon-sterile solutions, emulsions, suspensions, aerosols
PackagingBlisters, glass bottles/vials/ampoules, plastic bottles, plastic containers, tubes, pre-filled applicators, sachets/dosing sachets, and many more

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How to reach us