Pharmaceutical Injection Molding

Since the mid-1980s, as a special feature in pharmaceutical manufacture, Bayer HealthCare, Kiel site, has been producing injection-molded projects containing active substances. We have a modern injection-molding area with several systems for producing the products. Each system has an automated removal system, the option of applying the batch ID using a laser, as well as subsequent packaging in pillow bags and folding boxes or cans.


Bayer HealthCare, Kiel site, has a facility for producing aerosols with volumes of 50 to 750 mL. Aerosol cans are filled using a pneumatically controlled filling system with downstream checkweigher to ensure complete monitoring of all cans. A propane/butane mixture is used as an environmentally-friendly propellant. After filling, the cans are thoroughly inspected for leak-tightness.

Special injection-molding