We use the most modern equipment and machinery in our factory and are able to utilize a highly qualified team. The pharmaceutical products are manufactured on site and shipped out from Kiel to more than 100 countries.

Our product range includes medications for nearly all areas of application imaginable. This broad product range calls for the highest degree of flexibility with regard to employees, facilities, machinery and technologies.

Key facts

Solid & semi-solid forms80 million units
Liquids & Parenterals150 million units
Packaging (finished product)70 million units
Products~ 175
Articles~ 2000
Areas of expertiseKiel
Solid / semi-solid formsTablets, ointments & pastes, powder & granulates, injection molding containing active substance
Liquids & ParenteralsNon-sterile solutions, emulsions, suspensions, aerosols
PackagingBlisters, glass bottles/vials/ampoules, plastic bottles, plastic containers, tubes, pre-filled applicators, sachets/dosing sachets, and many more

Company Brochure

Company Brochure
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