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Theory isn’t everything - get a taste of practical aspects and secure a crucial head start in your professional life!

Student Internships (secondary school):

We offer students the opportunity to complete an internship in our qualified positions to help them get their professional bearings. However, students may also wish to apply to us once they are a trainee.

Good interns who meet our training requirements have better chances later during candidate selection to secure one of the sought-after training positions.

Student Internships (higher education) / Clinical Traineeship:

We conduct internships according to the study regulations (e.g. introductory/primary internships), particularly for courses of study, including pharmacy, pharmaceutical engineering, electrical engineering or mechanical engineering. Clinical traineeships are also possible.

We are of course open to other courses of study for which an internship can be meaningfully incorporated in our company.

The duration, nature and scope of the internships are defined individually in agreement with the Human Resources department and the specialist department, provided that the general requirements are not defined by the conditions of study.

Bachelor’s, Master’s, Dissertations

Would you like to complete your dissertation at our company?

Speak to our Human Resources department to discuss and coordinate the opportunities and general requirements.

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